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In Defense of Defense

I think the expression “Sometimes the best defense is a good offense” has it backwards. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.


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Blah Blah Blog

Although I’m always tweeting, I’m also always writing blog posts in my head. And novels featuring me as the plucky heroine. It’s just getting all these words Out of my Head (get it?) that’s tough. How do you do it?

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I’m All About Malbec

It’s friggin’ cold outside. Nothing makes me crave a big spicy red wine more than stupidly cold weather.

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It’s All About the Marketing, Baby

Remember when your mom told you to “just be yourself?” She was talking about your personal brand.

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You Can’t Handle the Proof!

One of the reasons I love putting ads on websites and in e-newsletters is the accurate feedback I get on click-through rates and opens, but I can’t understand for the life of me why these numbers need to be requested from sites where I advertise.

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