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I’m lucky that many of my friends and connections already have kids, and I turn to social media whenever I’m in a pinch. Last week I caught myself doing something that burns my cheese when others do it, and had a little “Of course!” moment.


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The Getting To Know You Project

I’m starting a personal and professional project to get to know the people in my network. I’m calling it the Getting To Know You Project, and I kick it off with Tyler Wakstein from Life is good.

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My 7 Favorite Takeaways from IMS10

Although most of the best learning I did at this year’s Inbound Marketing Summit had nothing to do with the presenters, there were some points I heard a few times over from my favorite presenters. Whether you were here or wanted to be, or even if you don’t work in inbound marketing or social media or community management, these are awfully useful to have under your hat.

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Introspection at the Inbound Marketing Summit

As I write this, I’m half-listening to a presenter at the Inbound Marketing Summit and wondering a little bit why I’m here and, even bigger than that, what wondering why I’m here means in terms of my life goals.

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Your Facebook Will Freeze Like That

Don’t tell my parents, but it turns out they were right more often than not. This advice didn’t help me much on the playground, but it’s sure coming in handy in social media.

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Blah Blah Blog

Although I’m always tweeting, I’m also always writing blog posts in my head. And novels featuring me as the plucky heroine. It’s just getting all these words Out of my Head (get it?) that’s tough. How do you do it?

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

I love food. I love politics. Well, I don’t love politics, but I find it interesting. I love social media. I love non-profits. And until there’s one event featuring all of them in one night, my calendar looks like a novella.

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