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All or Nothing

Having it all isn’t about being a mom, or even a woman. It’s about unexpectedly being hit with a sense of longing so intense, with the voices in your head screaming that you’re on the wrong path, that it leaves you in tears at a cafe. What does it mean to you?


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I’m lucky that many of my friends and connections already have kids, and I turn to social media whenever I’m in a pinch. Last week I caught myself doing something that burns my cheese when others do it, and had a little “Of course!” moment.

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Spreading the Cheer

I have to laugh at marketing teams banging their heads against the wall, wondering how to make content go viral. Maybe you should make it about cinnamon toast.

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On Dads And Cooking

My dad’s cooking meant a lot to him, and he did it to share his love and life with the people who mattered most. And he didn’t need my mom sniping at him and shoving jarred pasta sauce into his hand to make him do it.

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Creamy Peanut Butter Pie: With Love From My Sofa

It shouldn’t take a tragedy to remind us that life is precious and sudden and that we probably take our loved ones for granted, but such is often the case and it certainly is now. My heart broke for Jennifer Perillo when she lost her husband, so I made a pie with mine to offer my love and in celebration of Mikey’s life.

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Banana Fanna Fo-king Delicious Bread

With apologies to my mother and grandmother, this is the best banana bread I have ever eaten. And it’s probably the best you’ve eaten, too. You’re welcome.

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Hot Mess Dinner Party and Acts of Letting Go

In the last few weeks, I’ve somehow been more able than usual to grasp the art of letting go. The result was a dinner party full of ugly food and beautiful moments.

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