The Getting To Know You Project

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Getting to Know You ProjectMy network is full of people I’ve met once or twice or know through Twitter but haven’t really gotten to know. Most networking events (at least the ones I hear about) are after work, and I pick up the baby from daycare most days. These two problems led me to a solution I’m calling the Getting To Know You Project. Once a week I’ll pick someone in my network who I don’t know very well and invite them to meet up during the day. I’ll be able to make better connections (and Connections, frankly) when I know more about the people I know, and I enjoy the added benefit of some sorely needed away-from-desk time.

This week I kicked off the Project with Tyler Wakstein. I met Tyler through a colleague last year and reconnected with him recently on Twitter. Tyler is doing some pretty amazing work with Life is good Playmakers, a group that helps kids overcome trauma like poverty, illness, and violence through the power of play. There is a lot of chatter out there about the benefits of play and the impact it can have on any child, so imagine the exponential benefit it offers to children who are suffering. This is more than just volunteers showing up to jump around in a bouncy house (although that sounds pretty cool, too.) Playmakers are childcare providers who go through a series of training and certification to give them tools to use play strategically. Tyler’s job is to tell their story of awesomeness and get us all on board to support them. No brainer, in my opinion. Here’s how you can get involved:

Like them on Facebook.

Play it Forward in your home, community, or business by turning an ordinary event into a fundraising event with their easy and helpful ideas and tools. ATTENTION BRIGHTON MOMS: I want to hold a fundraising picnic in Rogers Park this summer. Who’s in for helping me plan?

Donate. It takes mere minutes, and you don’t even have to leave your desk. Although if this is all you have time to do, you may want to think about adding some play into your own life.

Thanks, Tyler, for telling me more about the great work you’re doing! Want to be someone I Get To Know? Let me know in the comments! Want to start your own Getting To Know You Project? You don’t need my permission – go do it!

How do you get to know the people in your network better?


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