March Makeover

March 3, 2011 at 9:54 am 2 comments

I wrote this post in February and am just now getting around to hitting the publish button. My schedule is hectic as I try to work in time to make healthy meals at home and exercise, but I’m making progress. About two weeks ago I started tracking my calories on and posting my workouts on and (still trying to decide which one I prefer.) Since then I’ve lost 5 pounds – not a bad way to kick off the month and definitely motivation to stick to it.

Slipping and tripping through snow piles and slick sidewalks on the way to the bus stop this morning (seriously, Brighton, shovel your sidewalks early so it doesn’t freeze into slick patches of death later), I started thinking about my body. I often take a route to a bus stop a little further away because it doesn’t include a 3 block hill, and it really hit me this morning how gross that is. There are women who fly planes with their feet, babies whose first acts in the world are to fight for life, and I can’t walk up a hill? Get it together, Jenny.

I’m lucky to have the capabilities I have, but I definitely take them for granted. My body can do so much more than it does. And not just exercise. Clearly I need to get back to the gym. This isn’t really about changing my jeans size. This is about testing the limits of my body and pushing past my comfort zone. The last time I pushed my body that hard was years ago when I did the 26.2 mile Jimmy Fund Walk.

Jimmy Fund Walk 2008

Jimmy Fund Walk 2008

I’ve been following the folks at Whole 9  and their Whole 30 Challenge for a while, and dipping my toe in the waters of hot yoga with Bikram and Prana Power Yoga, but have been too scared to commit. The idea of a clean body and mind, a transformative detox, sounds amazing. But it would mean figuring out a schedule that includes time to cook more and spend more time on my yoga mat, and less time at my desk and at events. It would mean giving up wine tasting for an entire month, no cocktails at Green Street, no late night Sunday Gravy at Marliave. It would mean no cheese plates. Who am I if I don’t have a cheese plate and a glass of wine in front of me? Time to find out.

Starting March 1, I am kicking off a month of clean eating and yoga. You’ll still find me at all of the events I normally go to, but with water in my hand. And I’ll probably have a yoga mat strapped to my back. I’d love to join you for dinner, but I’m going to be a little Sally about it while I manipulate the plate into something in line with the challenge.

I’ll post updates here, but because this isn’t a weight loss blog, probably not my weight. I will tell you how I feel, what things are difficult and what are the points of joy. Right now I can tell you the most difficult thing will be giving up the convenience of heading to the bar for dinner and a cocktail after a busy or bad day. I’ll need your support, either by joining me or not tempting me with “It’s just one sip of bourbon, who cares?” You in?


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  • 1. Amy Deveau  |  March 3, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Good luck Jenny! I have the same thoughts as you, thinking about doing an intense overhaul along with some sort of cleanse, but I always find a reason NOT to. Like there’s a wedding coming up, or a fun party I want to go to, or just summer which includes lots of outdoor drinks. I’m looking forward to your updates!

  • 2. Cooper Newby-Stock  |  March 9, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    I’d just like to ask if that portly gentleman in your photo is single. I’ve never seen a face that broad, it goes on for miles and miles and into my deepest dreams. His unkempt beard and tiny backpack call to me.


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