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What is it that makes you so mean? What makes you respond “I shouldn’t have to tell you what’s wrong” instead of “I’ll tell you what’s wrong so you can fix it faster and solve the problem for the future?” What part of your brain tells you to physically shove others out of the way so you can be the first person to get on the bus at night? Do we all have that part and if so why is yours so much more active?

You aren’t one person in particular. You are a host of people I meet in my day, in my life, in my social media interactions. I may see your face every day, or never have seen it at all. Around you I feel defensive and exhausted, frustrated and spent. I want nothing to do with you and yet cannot avoid you, and bracing myself to deal with you makes me clench my jaw upon waking.

You demand. You order. You ignore. You do not ask. You do not give. You do not consider.

I am baffled at how indignant you are, how you are so insistent that you are right to be mean that it makes you even meaner. I’ll admit I’m not always an angel, but your level of self-awareness isn’t even that minimal. No matter how gently or logically your meanness is pointed out, you snarl and snap and sneer. I know it’s futile. This post is futile – you’ll never read it and if you do you won’t bother to think it’s about you. You’re so vain you don’t even think this post is about you.

I am your fellow passenger on the train.

I am your co-worker.

I am in line behind you at Banana Republic.

I am walking down the sidewalk toward a group of you and your friends.

I am the person who answers your tweets late at night and on weekends.

And you are a jerk.


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