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taking off for utahMy friend Saddle Up Working Girl travels for work, and I’m not sure how to articulate that in a way that truly expresses how little she enjoys the comfort of her own pillow at night.  Sure, she’s really lucky to work for a company that allows her to make her home wherever her husband might be stationed, and that I’m able to make use of her piles of miles whenever I visit, but when asked she’ll readily admit that knowing the ins and out of half of the airports across the country isn’t something she grew up hoping to know. When you travel all the time for work, it can be exhausting.

I, however, never travel for work. I’ve worked in non-profits for many years, and that usually doesn’t translate to a lot of airport time. A non-profit salary usually precludes a lot of travel for pleasure as well, which means that flying anywhere is a bit of a thrill for me. As when I was a little girl I sense that a trip on a plane is a very big important one, and I treat it with appropriate reverence.  I pay attention to the safety instructions, ogle the cars and houses as they shrink in our wake, and show up at least an hour early, sometimes sooner just in case.

Friday my company’s CEO asked if I would like to go to Salt Lake City, Utah to appear on a morning talk show on Tuesday. If you’ve seen “13 Going on 30” you’re familiar with that “I’m going to a party in a limo!” moment. I had one of those then. I’ve never been to Utah. I’ve done some TV before, but not a morning show. I get to go on a PLANE.

The bigger picture, of course, is that I’m totally pumped to be trusted to take this on. Like relationships, when you leave a job that treated you poorly it can be hard to shake that baggage off when you move on to the next, totally wonderful thing. I should and want to be the kind of woman who doesn’t need outside validation, but until such time as I am this feels pretty awesome.

I read a tweet over the weekend with statistics about people who fail more often when they think, “Will I?” instead of “I Will.” So I will make myself sick on sugar-free hard candy during takeoff six times in two days. I will not think about how unruly my eyebrows look because I didn’t make time to get them waxed this weekend. I will have fun. I will tell a compelling story that will resonate with people that my company can help have a better life. I will kick ass. I will take names, because I hope to look those folks up when I return to Salt Lake City. And oh yes, I will be back.


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