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Mr. Burns, courtesy of Wikipedia

"What about recycling, Mr. Burns?" "Re-cy-cling?"

I can go months without a haircut. Sometimes the cat’s dish is empty for a day. But I always feel the greatest guilt when I neglect my blog.

To keep the posts coming without making myself insane, or filling the internet with incoherent 3am ramblings because really no one needs more of those, I’m recycling some of my favorite old content. In light of the Wine Expo this weekend I’d planned to re-post what I’d written about my first time there, but I found this post and it made me laugh on what has been a rather glum day, so I hope it brings you a little sunshine, too.

Originally posted Thursday, March 22, 2007

(Ongoing) Actual email titles from spam I get in the Marketing inbox at work

I’ll keep adding to this list as appropriate, because every now and then you need a break from the ridiculous surreality that is your life to take a giggle at mine:

Added 3/22/07:

Now, as an atheist I can’t personally argue too strongly against that.

As to whether this is stealing from customers, it depends.

“Clown is a fascinating, diverse, complex and exciting art form, which has existed around the planet for thousands of years.

The problem comes with the ubertricks, which are essential for progressing past the first third of the game.

Knock-down price for the best medicaments!

matriarchal rouse

There are gratuitous quotes from yours truly therein.

Added 1/18/07:

Hei comrade with small sausage!! ;-))

No saline the obelisk

And the earth.  Also; all armholes, and made for burnt sacrifice and

Many times those words have resulted in the loss of some great gamers, including some of my personal friends.

Alex Barnett blog : I’ve not met Frank, but I know about his shirt.

tortilla cello

hernia rigging

Added 12/15/06:

Oyster Perpetual Day Date

Kids will love Princess Raccoon, a Japanese hip-hop musical about a raccoon turning into a princess, and The Ugly Duckling and Me, which is an animated, updated version of the old classic.

(no lie – that was the whole subject line – JS)

Virgo sodden

Added 11/30/06:

The first is a plethora of frogs going through random rhythms

You will also find that the cheap digital pocket scale links on the left side of the page most valuable.

washed with a diadem

plantain and boyfriend

Added 11/9/06:

Make your fat friends envy you


Hey, Buddy, You must be very disappointed of it!

Icky Yicky

Wishy-Washy bloodbath

Doth execute judgment.  Marvellous seven years, as for the nakedness.

Evil kilometer

Midriff Imitative

To methuen my methuen

Sluggish pancake

Wouldn’t fizz

Malaysian analyst

Never be shy to take your shirt off again!

Obseity is dangerous, stop it.

Saute middle class

Funeral Home fauna


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Eggnog Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup I Want to Marry Italian Wedding Soup

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