Why You Shouldn’t Drink Wine While Getting a Manicure

December 22, 2009 at 2:30 pm Leave a comment

(originally posted on Drinks Are On Me)

Friday night I had a few glasses of wine, and thinking they might result in a post here, I tweeted about it. When I had a sniff of the Lolonis Ladybug Red, I tweeted that it smelled a little like nail polish remover, but in a good way. It wasn’t a chemically smell, exactly, but more of a strong boy-this-will-wake-you-up slightly bitter smell. Naturally, Dale had something to say about that:


I was all...

And then someone else chimed in:


And then HE said...

When I tried to ‘splain, I was brutally rebuffed:


Dale gets the last word

So I did some research, wondering if maybe my own ignorance of wine language was creating confusion. But no, it was a very distinct smell and I definitely should have spoken up at the bar to let them know. From what I’m reading, that smell is an indicator of excess volatile acidity (this wine Q&A from The Seattle Times sums it up pretty well). Finishing the glass won’t kill me, but I should have sent it back.

So the next time you detect the slight scent of nail polish remover in your wine and you AREN’T at the nail salon, alert your bartender.


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