It’s All Good

November 20, 2009 at 6:15 pm 1 comment

How was your week? Mine was not as bad as last week, but not as good as some. I’m putting some wheels in motion to make positive changes, though, and of course I will tell you all about them as soon as they are ready for sharing.

NJS and I were out every night this week with meetings and fundraisers and social events. Everything we did was fun.  We ate some great food, enjoyed some lovely drinks, and saw a bunch of friends both on purpose and some by happy accident. But now that Friday is here I am pretty tired and everything seems like a blur. Do your weeks seem like that?

In order to preserve some of the good memories, focus on the positive takeaways, and maybe create a template for an e-newsletter going forward, today’s post is going to be a list of this week’s good stuff. I’m going to try to do this every week with three or maybe five tidbits: photos, recipes, stories, stuff I saw that was neat, and the like.  Let me know what you think!

This week’s good stuff:

1. Bumping into friends: the best kind of surprise. At the bar at Eastern Standard Thursday night, I ran into my friend Teresa, who I met in grad school. When I introduced her to NJS, they already knew each other – he used to work with her roommate. I love uncovering connections like that as much as I love making new connections. I like interactions that make me feel like we’re all part of one big, awesome family.

2. Soup! I’ve had a lot of soup this week. Sunday night I was recovering from a wedding and had chicken soup from Boca Grande. I know, you’re thinking they only make burritos but let me tell you their chicken soup is fantastic, with big pieces of chicken and a good squeeze of lemon. Then Thursday I had a bowl of apple and parsnip soup at ESK.  Today at work there was much talk of carrot soup, and I think I might give this recipe a whirl this weekend, if I get a chance to stop by the Copley farmer’s market tonight.

3. When Cats Sit Like Humans. ‘Nuff said.

4. NJS’s beard. He started growing a mo for Movember, but I asked him to grow out the full beard so he’d look less creepy at the wedding last weekend. I think he looks hot with the beard, and he says he’s been getting a lot of compliments. Now to get him into a flannel shirt, and the Mountain Man transformation will be complete. HAHAHAHAHA!

NJS enjoying scotch at the wedding post-party.

5. No class! I’m taking a Marketing 101 class at Harvard Extension. I have studied communications, but not marketing. Yes, they’re different. No, I’m not discussing it right now. I like the class – there are some cool people in there, I’m learning a lot, and the instructor is really funny and knowledgeable. But a night off is a night off, and I spent mine getting my personal to do list in order and enjoying some very creamy mac and cheese with tasso ham at the Green Briar while an Irish music session played behind me. Pretty great.

What good things happened to you this week?


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