The Inconvenience of Art

July 30, 2007 at 7:57 pm Leave a comment

I picked a terrible time to begin a new blog, apparently. I am working on a highly confidential project at my job which is not as high-powered and intriguing and James Bond as it sounds, and despite all of our denial about it, it’s in complete crisis mode, or as close to crisis mode as one can get without literally melting down. I am busy at work and exhausted at home… so much for my nice relaxing summer.

Also, sadly, so much for my attempt to work on my writing. And running. And dieting. Yeah, that’s all left to occasional spurts of motivation. I know this would all work better if I set a schedule for myself, but when I have to write “update to do list” on the to do list, and then put post-its over the to do list to highlight the things I have to do each day… well… that’s about as much scheduling as gets done around here right now. Staying flexible is key as I enter into a week where at least three if not five major, organization-changing projects come to a head. Within days of one another. Really.

I’d love to be the sort of woman who still manages to get up at 5am to go for a morning jog and credits her cool head under stress with said runs, eating lots of leafy greens, and REM cd’s. I am, instead, the sort of woman who credits the fact that everyone around her continues to live with snack food, Sarah Silverman, and sobbing on the floor of a cold shower with a beer on the edge of the tub. Alliteration unintentional.

To my mind I’ve nothing interesting to write about, and this is the blog where I post interesting things, not self-indulgent rambling, so I’ll leave you with this tidbit to mull while you wait for my next post:

Friday night I had a few friends over to enjoy the front porch. When it is perfectly still everywhere, there is always a lovely cool breeze on my front porch. It is positioned directly above one of the most entertaining intersections in Brighton Center. My roommate and I have become somewhat of a Statler and Waldorf of Brighton. My friends, of course, love to enjoy this show with a few beverages and light refreshments, which often turn into long nights of both philosophical and nonsensical conversation. Friday was no exception, with the talk running late into the night and early into the following morning – early enough to see the start of sunrise as The Boyfriend and I walked back to his place. I was surprised that we had no interruption from the neighbors, as we were quite loud at times, although we did get the attention of a passerby around 4:00 AM. He said he had a weird favor to ask and we thought that he, as many drunken pedestrians before him, would ask us to throw down a beer or cigarette. Instead he asked for a butter knife, explaining a bit vaguely that there was an apartment he needed to get into, and he didn’t have the key, but then as he kept talking it changed to his key broke in the lock – the only thing that was certain was that he was continuing to ask for a butter knife to get in somewhere that he couldn’t. Odd that he seemed to know a butter knife would do the trick, and not a screwdriver or other flat tool. Odd also that he called a friend as he walked away without the butter knife (one of the boys told him we didn’t live there and they didn’t want to give away the utensils of the sleeping tenants) and couldn’t have called a locksmith.

Which begs the question – could it be possible we thwarted a robbery simply by refusing to toss this man silverware?


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Ina Garten Would be Proud Bittersweet

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